From now on you can use our request form!

You can use the request form to contact us for concert reports and to get listed in our playlists. In the message field you can also send us links/info or leave other messages. We only accept your requests via the request form – for organizational reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to process requests that come in via other channels.
You can get to the request form here (German only!).

Info & Rules for
Reposts & Content Spreading

Please note:

In order to continue to provide the best possible support for you in our social media, it is imperative that all of the following rules are observed and adhered to! The rules apply equally to any form of contribution such as posts, stories, reels, etc. on all social media platforms (in the case of SYLB, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok). Only bands and organizations that follow SYLB permanently or are part of the SYLB community will be supported! Contributions from private persons or reposts will not be reposted by SYLB.
By granting permission to use the material provided by you in any form, you confirm to have read, understood and accepted the following rules!

For Reposts:
– the easiest and most effective way is that you make us a collab partner!
Otherwise the following applies:
– You must be the rightful author/creator of the original post
– You must be the rightful owner of the image/video material used
– You must be the sole copyright owner of any music used
– You must explicitly state that reposts are allowed (e.g. by adding “share allowed” or “feel free to share” in the image description, NOT in the comments!)
In stories, both the release for reposts and the mention of @sylb.supportyourlocalbands must be sufficiently clear to read
In feed posts it is mandatory to mention @sylb.supportyourlocalbands in the image description (NOT in the comments!)
– The post must not be a repost!
ATTENTION: if at least one of these points is not fulfilled, the corresponding post cannot be reposted!
IMPORTANT: If you are not the sole copyright holder of the image, video and/or sound material that you used, you need the consent of the other copyright holder(s)!
Otherwise your material may not be used or may be deleted!

For an inclusion in the SYLB playlists on Spotify & YouTube applies:
– the band must be a permanent follower of SYLB or part of the SYLB community
– the request must come from the band itself
– the request must include the Spotify link to the song
– the request for multiple songs requires that the songs were not released on the same day.
Please also note that our playlists are sorted by release date from new to old. So the older the submitted song is, the further down it is in the playlist. Songs remain in our playlists for a maximum of 1 year after their release date – the decisive factor is the release date on Spotify.

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